Innovation for

Reproductive Success

Innovation for Reproductive Success

Ostara Biomedical develops products to improve the success rates of artificial reproduction in mammals. Its innovative technology is focused on the production of transgenic rodents used globally for medical research across a wide range of diseases. Ostara’s technology is also being developed to improve efficiency
in livestock production, with obvious commercial benefits
in the global food chain.

Ostara’s suite of ProgenySys™ products offers users
substantial cost savings whilst, also addressing
ethical concerns by significantly reducing the
numbers of animals needed in
breeding programmes

The ProgenySys™ range of products are designed for use by specialist commercial transgenic rodent breeders and suppliers, contract research organisations, breeding facilities within industry and academic institutions worldwide.  ProgenySys™ is delivered in a unique Controlled Dose Delivery System that simplifies the dosing procedure to deliver optimized performance.


Ostara expects to launch OvuMouse, it’s vaginal superovulation delivery system for gonadotrophins in 2018.





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